October 15, 2010

More suspense...

Cake tier #3 is a success. This is my gluten free yellow cake. I enjoyed nibbling on the 'cake top'. This is the portion of the top cut off to level the cake. I hope the brides gluten free guests agree, but I think the recipe is a keeper. Fondant is on. Ribbon on the bottom brings the elegant factor up by 100%- I LOVE the blue! Dots will be made of royal icing (it gets really hard when dry), as well as holding up the string of silver beads.

The bottom layer of this cake took 15 cups of batter each layer. That is about 12 eggs, 8 cups of flour and 5 cups of sugar. Plus, there is NOTHING that tastes as yummy as baking with real butter in it! My husband licked the bowl. He helps me out with that task ;)

I will post pictures after the weekend, because I want to surprise the bride with the final results of the cake- She chose a beautiful design and Im hoping she likes my replica.

Stay tuned!

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