October 16, 2010


The cake safely arrived at its destination, assembled without a hitch and the bride was happy. All is well in the world. Beautiful wedding. The 'double blue' ribbon on the bottom coordinated with the Toronto Argonaut wedding theme.

Top layer- gluten free yellow cake. Middle layer devils food chocolate with strawberry filling and bottom layer was yellow cake with a lemon icing filling.

The whole cake was covered in a marshmallow fondant. So easy to work with!


  1. wow court! looks great! too bad they had to take a knife to it :(

  2. What a gorgeous creation.............looks almost too good to eat ( but not quite)

  3. Beautiful cake. You have quite a talent! We shall have to introduce you to our friend who has her own company in Toronto.....and used to live in the Kendalls house! You can look up the website....sugarbaking.com

  4. Best darn cake going! It was so delish! I still have some in my freezer and I'm not sharing! =)