October 4, 2010


Welcome to my new blog. I wanted a place to share my cake adventures!

Right now our apartment smells like freshly baked cake. This one is a gluten free yellow cake. Ive made one gluten free cake before but I lost the recipe and need to find a yummy one for the wedding cake that I am doing for the 23rd. A friend of mine is getting married and I am doing my first wedding cake. Im so excited- first because she is my friend and second, I love a challenge.

I am also trying out a new fondant, Virgin Ice. It doesnt have that chemical taste to it like most store bought fondant. I usually use a homemade marshmallow fondant, but it can be quite time consuming. I would like to find a great tasting fondant to add to my collection- I want to make sure I have variety for people.

Cant wait to try the cake. Stay tuned!

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