January 4, 2011

Chocolate Strawberry Cakelet

I have some experimenting yet to do but not too disappointed with my latest creation. I will have to make a less sweet lemon version at some point. This cakelet is chocolate strawberry. A nice slice of this would go well with a nice strong  black coffee. Its sweet, but then again, its also a dessert so thats ok.

I have recently acquired a new cupcake cookbook and would love to experiment with those recipes in cake form. I can forsee some of the fillings, Boston cream or some of the mousse recipes complimenting a basic chocolate or white cake very well. The ideas of the cakelet is that there are many layers of cake between yummy layers of icing. 

I hope to run to the store today and pick up a couple limes. I plan on making some coconut lime cupcakes today. 

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