June 1, 2012

Weekend Getaway Cupcakes and Tarts

Today I was busy putting together an order for a very special family. It is always a pleasure to serve people through sweet treats! The order was for two dozen chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache filling topped with a chocolate buttercream icing. Having a sweet tooth myself, I am always thankful when the recipe makes just a few extra so that my wonderful husband and I can have a sample.

 I don't normally do other baking orders but jumped at the chance to make a dozen tarts in addition to the cupcakes! I used my mothers recipe. My mom has had a significant impact on my life and I have fond childhood memories of working in the kitchen with her. I recall her mentioning once that, perhaps in a moment of frustration as I burnt yet another pan of cookies, she thought that maybe my interest and talents weren't best suited for the kitchen. I hope her faith in me has been restored :) I must validate this story with her but going back to what I was saying, she has been an amazing role model both in and outside the kitchen. I enjoyed reflecting today as I made her buttertart recipe. The other half of the 'dozen tart' recipe was lemon meringue tarts. I had fun, and alot of dishes to show for it :) I used her recipe for that too!

 Worst mess of the day: one poor egg that hit the floor, despite my best efforts to save it.Eggs have to the one thing that I really dislike cleaning up when they break in the wrong place. What is your worst mess to clean up in the kitchen....better yet- what are your fond memories of working in the kitchen as a child?

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