July 15, 2012

Firebird Birthday Cake

My most recent creation. A classic Firebird. Both client and her boyfriend, the birthday boy, enjoyed the cake

. Firebird 

 "The cake was a real hit :) Everyone knew what car it was right away! And it tasted delicious! Thank youuuuuu! -CK, Ottawa

 I love hearing feedback, send me a picture of someone enjoying a cake Ive made for them and I'll post it! I like happy customers!

June 1, 2012

Weekend Getaway Cupcakes and Tarts

Today I was busy putting together an order for a very special family. It is always a pleasure to serve people through sweet treats! The order was for two dozen chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache filling topped with a chocolate buttercream icing. Having a sweet tooth myself, I am always thankful when the recipe makes just a few extra so that my wonderful husband and I can have a sample.

 I don't normally do other baking orders but jumped at the chance to make a dozen tarts in addition to the cupcakes! I used my mothers recipe. My mom has had a significant impact on my life and I have fond childhood memories of working in the kitchen with her. I recall her mentioning once that, perhaps in a moment of frustration as I burnt yet another pan of cookies, she thought that maybe my interest and talents weren't best suited for the kitchen. I hope her faith in me has been restored :) I must validate this story with her but going back to what I was saying, she has been an amazing role model both in and outside the kitchen. I enjoyed reflecting today as I made her buttertart recipe. The other half of the 'dozen tart' recipe was lemon meringue tarts. I had fun, and alot of dishes to show for it :) I used her recipe for that too!

 Worst mess of the day: one poor egg that hit the floor, despite my best efforts to save it.Eggs have to the one thing that I really dislike cleaning up when they break in the wrong place. What is your worst mess to clean up in the kitchen....better yet- what are your fond memories of working in the kitchen as a child?

In Celebration of a Milestone Anniversary

We had the wonderful opportunity to travel to a very special place this past month. The Outdoor Adventure Leadership Centre where my husband and I met celebrated their 60th anniversary. I could not go there empty handed and knew that I wanted to say thank you for how the people have so greatly influenced my life. This cake took me a full day of assembly and decorating, and just about survived the 3 hr road trip unscathed. Congratulations Medeba!


April 1, 2012

Linesman Cake

Red velvet cake with buttercream icing. Decorated with gumpaste figure. Fun cake to do!!!


February 25, 2012

This is one girly cake!

Vegan chocolate cake with "buttercream" icing. Since Judy wouldnt tell us her age...


January 25, 2012

Basic Buttercream


Vanilla slab cake to celebrate a Christian school anniversary. Decorated entirely with buttercream icing.